If you’re a small business, chances are good you use QuickBooks Online for accounting.

And while QuickBooks Online is excellent at many things, scheduling and paying bills isn’t first on the list!

Why Outsource Accounts Payable?

“I just want to run my business and let you handle accounting”, is probably the most common phrase uttered by our clients.

And when it comes to bills specifically – coding expense categories, figuring out when they need to be paid, cutting checks, printing checks, stuffing checks in envelopes, applying postage, and dropping checks in the mail often is a tedious and mundane process.  Unfortunately it’s a huge time-sucker for most small businesses, filled with in-efficiencies, and repeats itself again next month!

So why should you consider outsourcing accounts payable?  Because our process will free you and/or your staff to focus on more important areas of your business.

Bill.com paired with QuickBooks Online

So what’s our process?

Skistad Consulting is a bill.com partner.  We integrate bill.com with QuickBooks Online for you and manage all aspects of coding, scheduling, approving and paying bills. Your role is simply to send an electronic copy of the bill to bill.com – whether via your unique bill.com email address OR by using the intuitive mobile app to simply capture a picture of the document.

We take it from there.

  • The bill is coded and classified appropriately based on your chart of accounts in QuickBooks.
  • An electronic image is saved along with the details of the bill
  • The bill is scheduled for approval
  • Once approval is received, payment is scheduled and released
  • Bill.com automatically prints and mails paper checks (if desired) OR remits payment electronically via an ACH transaction
  • All bill payments are automatically synced with QuickBooks Online and all transactions are recorded appropriately

At month end, we reconcile the business checking account to ensure that every transaction is accounted for accurately – as well as provide detailed financial statements which include a profit and loss report and a balance sheet report.

Why Bill.com?

Next Steps

Contact us to get a free trial set up.  It’s essentially pain-free.  Process a test transaction.  See how much the process could simply your life. Ask whatever questions you want.  Then ask some more – phone, text message, email, or whatever other means of communication floats your boat.

After all – we’re here to handle accounting so you can run your business!