Ahmelie and I just returned from QuickBooks Connect – an annual conference hosted by Intuit in San Jose, California.  We escaped just in time one afternoon to watch the guy above jump the rocks to catch some Santa Cruz waves.

QuickBooks Connect provides a setting for all QuickBooks users and business partners to learn, network and even party with your own puppet!

The conference provides endless tracks of sessions designed to empower businesses that run on QuickBooks with new knowledge to grow their business and make it more profitable.

One HUGE value-add that QuickBooks Online delivers to every bookkeeping process is the ability to automatically code transactions.

Why is this huge?

Because it means you don’t have to pay a bookkeeper or accountant to appropriately code/categorize every single purchase your business makes!

Take a look:


At Skistad Consulting, we reconcile hundreds and hundreds of business checking accounts and credit card card accounts over the course of year.  I cannot begin to tell you how much time this feature has saved me personally.

If you use QuickBooks Online and aren’t utilizing bank rules – you’re costing your business time and money.  It’s that simple.

And – if you “don’t have the time” to appropriately leverage all the features QuickBooks Online can deliver your business – let’s hook up and chat so we can fix that problem.  You can even bring your own puppet if it makes you feel more comfortable!